About Us



You know how sometimes a flickering idea turns into an obsession, you can't get it out of your head. Well welcome to mine.

Aluminum bodied guitars  started when I saw a chrome and gold strat for sale at a guitar shop downtown  for $45,000 'fn dollars. It was sweet  looking though, the look was exquisite and unique. I was sure there was some room for a guitar maker to be able to make a guitar for way less 45.

I had played a couple of veleno guitars before, very industrial looking, but like the look  and I  knew about a few guys making guitars out of things other than wood and I became totally inspired.  I have always liked metal, the curves of a car or a well done motorcycle,  When done right, they look elegant, beautiful.

That is what I wanted to do, make something that was truly unique to metal, if you can do it in wood, I dont want to do it.

Our first guitar was the M1, ( model one, great stretching imagination, eh? ) It has all I was after, curves, elegant, chrome bright and shiny and then the pickups. I took the prototype down to Tom Jones, TV Jones pickups and he and I messed around with different pickups and came up with a set of customs that were just growlin’ perfect. I loved it, the tone was awesome. It just kept getting more aggressive as you dug in deeper. ” The sustain is insane” Tom said and it was. It way more “half life” than any guitar we had every played.

Then I added the more familiar guitar, the tele to our line up. I have a buddy who lives in LA, let him test one out while I was down at the NAMM show, he ended up taking it up to Seymour Duncan’s private shop and getting Seymour to play it. Well from there, we got a set of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickups that have just been outstanding. Again, what was unexpected but fantastic was the tone, sustain and the range. It was remarkable.

We started putting that custom combo in all of our T’s.

Here is the cool part about serendipity. I started out to make a guitar based on the aesthetic but something far more desirable came up. We didnt try for it, it showed up, it was in the way we make them, different than other aluminum guitar makers.

I was asked by a producer to bring a couple of guitars along to the Warehouse Studio here in Vancouver. There were two session guitar players there and the both grabbed the guitars I brought in. We were all in the control room and they plugged into the rack and started to play. Couple of minutes, they both looked up and smiled. “wow, this is amazing, just amazing” and then the other guy says ” Listen to that” we paused and waited and listened and then he says ” there’s no sound, zero” And there wasn’t.

That is one of the crazy things, the way we build our guitars presents a zero noise floor.

Now as we’re growing nicely, I’m exploring finishes and art and making the coolest guitars in the world.

I love what I do, maybe I can make you a guitar.