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This one I got inspired to do, when I went to my Harley shop.

There was a flat black, totally black Harley just sitting there looking ‘fn sinister. The cool thing about it was this wrinkle black finish, it had that  neat look and touch to it. I hadn’t seen if before, blew me away. I  knew it was a powder coat and something that I can do with our aluminum body.

That’s what I did with this guitar, same process as Harley and it has the same stealthy, sinister look to it. You know, walk quiet and carry a big stick.

I did the pickups, the knobs, bridge all in the black, the body has the machined in pickguard as well.

Here is what this guitar has:


  • Lil 59, had to put that into this one.
  • LMG Phat Cat on the bridge
  • Black Chrome Gotoh 510 Tuners
  • Customized Angled  Wrinkle Black Ashtray bridge with Graphtech saddles
  • Maple neck, with Ebony fingerboard 12″ fingerboard radius.
  • 25.5 inch scale.
  • Stainless dual-action truss rod, silicon seated and rods sheathed.
  • An 8 degree headstock angle puts the perfect downward tension on the strings behind the nut. No String Tree.
  • Self lubricating nut to improve tuning stability while eliminating all tuning “ping”.
  • Precision filing of nut slot depths, so that the intonation, creates a perfectly playable guitar.
  • CTS 500k Pots.
  • Switchcraft Jack.
  • Shielded Silver Braided Old School Wire.
  • Switchcraft Right Angle 3 position switch.
  • LMG Shop Machined Unique LMG Tone and Volume Control Knobs.
  • Custom fit, “Liquid Metal Guitar” logo’ed hardshell case.