Silver Dollar Paisley LMG3


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This is a guitar that I am so absolutely thrilled with. It is a look that I have been after for a while, that clear freshly minted coin look. This is it. A collaboration with Peter Braune, old school lithographer and us. We take a paisely design and etch it into the metal body of the guitar. Then we put our all the knowledge that we have gotten from years and years of experimenting and make it shine to a “Shock and Awe” shine..

I love this…

Here’s the run down of what we put in this guitar:

  • Seymour Duncan  LMG Custom Wind “Phat Cat” Pickup in neck position, creates a beautiful smoothed jazzy tone.
  • Billy Gibbon’s lil 59. The Pickup combination makes the guitar tremendously useful in may tone requirements.
  • Maple neck, with Ebony fingerboard 12″ fingerboard radius.
  • 25.5 inch scale.
  • Stainless dual-action truss rod, silicon seated and rods sheathed.
  • An 8 degree headstock angle puts the perfect downward tension on the strings behind the nut. No String Tree.
  • Gotoh’s 510 mini tuners in chrome finish, with a 1:18 gear ratio and height adjustable posts to add to the string tension.
  • Liquid Metal angled ashtray bridge.
  • Self lubricating nut to improve tuning stability while eliminating all tuning “ping”.
  • Precision filing of nut slot depths, so that the intonation, creates a perfectly playable guitar.
  • Graphtech String Saver Saddles which are a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage.
  • CTS 500k Pots.
  • Switchcraft Jack.
  • Shielded Silver Braided Old School Wire.
  • Switchcraft Right Angle 3 position switch.
  • LMG Shop Machined Unique LMG  Tone and Volume Control Knobs.
  • Custom fit, “Liquid Metal Guitar” logo’ed hardshell case.

Just a quick note on the process. We take a solid block of aluminum, just about 25lbs and machine it down to our specs about 4.5lbs. This gives the guitar uncanny “NO NOISE”characteristics and as well  sustain and harmonics that make the guitar sound so so sweet.

The first one was just picked up and this is what he said:

I  have been playing it exclusively since I got home and it is a very powerful instrument. Easy to play and sounds great through my amp , I knew it would. My bandmates are stunned by its beauty and sound. No one who has seen it isn’t blown away.

Love to build one for you…