Snake Bite and Ring…..

Make a amazing guitar, that is unique to metal – that is what we strive for and our Snake Bite, is a superb example of just that.

Working with two distinguished artists, Peter Braune, an practitioner of the ancient art of lithography and Jett Black Jackson, a custom jeweler to the rich and famous we’ve made a guitar and sterling silver ring set, that is really quite cool.

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This is the first in our “Go Wild” series, with the Snake Bite guitar and the Jackson Go Wild silver ring. The art is Jackson’s design and the etching of that art into the guitar is Peter’s.

“Working with two great craftsmen such as Peter and Jackson is superb.” says Phil Cook, owner of Liquid Metal Guitars. “With these guys we get to make pieces of art that are amazing to look at and then that art ends up in a guitar that has our famous crystal clear tonal qualities and our second to none finishing. “

Peter does lithography and printing for some of the most important artists in our time. In doing what he has done for 30 years, he uses acids to etch into metal plates the images for prints. It is delicate, refined and demanding work. We took that process and used it on our metal bodies guitars, etching images in to the guitar’s body. You’ll see on this guitar that the pattern is all over the guitar, on the top, the bottom and the sides. It’s a splendid example of his craft.

Then add Jackson’s amazing jewelry design, it opens up a huge realm of possibilities for us.

The LMG Snake Bite comes with our custom bridge. Like the guitar body, it too is machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum. Adding a final touch of uniqueness; our LMG aluminum control knobs.

This model has a Seymour Duncan Custom Pickup set with a PHAT Cat in the neck and the lil 59 in the bridge. This set gives the guitar player the great, clear tone that LMG has become famous for over the years and a ton of versatility.


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